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About & Partnership

I loved science when I was a kid. I even won the Young Scientist Award in primary school for four years straight.


Science fascinated me. I particularly admired Benjamin Franklin’s work on the lightning rod so much that I took his name as my own.


Growing up, my family wasn't rich or poor.


My dad used to run a printing business, but it failed as technology advanced. After his business failed, he worked in all sorts of jobs. From taxi driver to security guard just to support the family.


My mum is the most loyal employee ever. She has worked as a receptionist for a kidney dialysis clinic for 20 years and counting. And in these 20 years, she never had an increment despite asking.


Money got tighter as the cost of living rose.


I remember my dad had to moonlight when I needed a $1,200 Fujitsu laptop for my diploma studies.

Ben, a Singaporean Investor, and his personal story. From science to investment. Read about The Globetrotting Investor’s life.

This is me when I was taking part in a food science competition. My team and I incorporated the benefits of ginseng into a commonly used gravy for cooking.

But things got tough when I wanted to go to university. My parents couldn't afford to support me.


I had to give up pursuing science as it was one of the most expensive degrees. I was so disappointed and frustrated. All these years, I was determined to be a scientist, yet I couldn’t further my studies due to financial constraints.


We borrowed from our relatives and finally settled on a “business” degree that cost just above $25K. Plus, I missed all the chances for an overseas exchange program.


It was clear that we had a long-standing financial problem. A generational problem. Even my grandparents lacked the financial skills.


Knowing my degree might not be enough, I pushed for an MBA.


I worked hard seven days a week. Weekdays full-time job. Weekends part-time tutor. And you might have guessed correctly, I taught science from physics to biology.


Increasing my income and saving is one thing but I needed my money to work harder.


So, I also started investing in REITs to secure my future. REITs provide stability as compared to stocks and they consistently reward shareholders with dividends.


It took me a decade of hard work and reinvesting those dividends to fully fund my MBA without even a student loan. I was so proud of my achievement.


Throughout, I bore a sense of disappointment towards my parents until I came across a famous Vietnamese monk's teachings.


Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents. I just dislike how they deal with their finances.


This monk is none other than Thich Nhat Hanh. His books and teaching made me see my parents differently.


In his book, he mentioned that it is not that our parents do not love us, but they are unskilled at it. I pondered over this statement, and I realized that my parents are also victims of poor financial literacy from their parents. Despite that, they sacrificed for me, expecting nothing in return.


I remembered my mother had to save and scrimp just so that she could surprise me with a Gameboy Colour. Not just a normal Gameboy, but one with colour. It was the best kind of technology back then.


I stopped blaming my circumstances and embraced the lessons I learned. With a longer investment horizon and better investing strategies, I saw remarkable changes in my life. Luck plays a part too. From there on, I have been travelling more and aspired to travel to all 193 countries, hence the username "globetrotting."

When COVID struck, the stock market went crazy. I saw my friends get depressed due to the financial losses. Initially, all I wanted to do was to help my friends through their investing journey.


But I saw an opportunity to help more people. That's when I committed to enabling others to become better investors.


Today, I have successfully helped 6,000+ people to be better investors through my fundamental analysis and newsletter.


I would not say that I have fully achieved financial freedom. As I am excited to start my family, I need to be more careful in my financial planning. I want my kids to have choices without worrying about money, unlike my own experiences.


With grit and determination, I can break the cycle of financial struggles for generations to come. If I can do it, so can you.


I'm here to help.

Ben, The Globetrotting Investor, was in Switzerland. He is based in Singapore and has enabled many investors around the world.

My goal is to educate and inspire YOU to be a better value investor. It is all about the fundamentals of the company.

My Investing Philosophy

I am Ben, The Globetrotting Investor. I am based in Singapore and I teach value investing.

My investing philosophy is grounded in the principles of value investing and the discipline and patience required to achieve long-term success. I don't just pick any cheap company – I look for strong ones with a competitive edge, also known as an economic moat.


To figure out their fair value, I use the discounted cash flow method. This helps me understand how much they are truly worth by analysing their cash flow and ability to make profits and pay dividends.


But I know that unexpected things can happen, even to good companies. That is why I always play it safe by applying a margin of safety. This shields me from uncertainties and ensures I invest in companies with a solid foundation at the right price that can weather any storms.


My approach is conservative, so I don't find many companies that fit the bill. That's okay. As Warren Buffett says, the number one rule is to not lose money. I had rather be careful with my choices than jump into anything exciting.


That is how I will keep hunting for those great investments – not the most thrilling path, but a wise one.

Partnering Together

There are many ways we can work together, including sponsoring the newsletter, writing blogs, speaking at events or as simple as collaborating on Instagram posts.

Email ben@theglobetrottinginvestor.com and let’s figure out how to work together.

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Navigating market volatility for long-term investors.


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